Stella e a menina do mar

Stella e a Menina do Mar is a book written by Tatiana Pinto and illustrate by myself. It is published at and it can be downloaded or purchased at the website.
Here are a couple of illustrations from the book.

Finger puppet monster


I am ninja


My very own adventure

This project consisted in designing and animating a series of shorts. The client later would film people acting on green screen and put them along side the animated characters.

Client: Cybergraphix Inc
Production: BangBang Animation

For full animation click here

"Doce Mania"

In this project we had to create two music videos for "Doce Mania".
The character designs were created by myself, as well as, backgrounds
and animation along side my peers João Alves and Mónica Loureiro.

Client: Universal Musica (Portugal)
Production: BangBang Animation

For full animations click here

"Serafim & Companhia"

"Galinha Patareca" was an episode for the series "Serafim & Companhia" which I animated. The characters were designed by
Ana Nunes and the backgrounds by Belo Cabral.

Client: Universal Music (Portugal)
Production: Bangbang animation

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Perplexus was a short animation created by myself, Gavin Dean, Mark Tompkins and Mark Fish for our end of the year project at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth.
I concentrated on areas such as storyboarding, character design, animation and post-production.




These are some skecthbook samples, ranging from people, animals,
still life and character designs.

This is part of a piece from a Rembrandt´s drawing, I was studying his etching tecnhique with indian ink pen and nib on paper.